The nature since ancient times is the guardian of human health and helps to cure various diseases and ailments. Its healing power is hidden in the most diverse medicinal plants. Herbal treatment is perhaps the most reasonable and natural way of treatment, and one of the oldest. You can buy herbs online at semipharm.com

Arfazetin (Arphasetinum) 75g
Burdock Root 50g

Burdock Root 50g



Calendula (Calendulae) 50g
Comarum palustre (Sabelnik) 50g
Cornflower blue 50g
Devyasil (Elecampoulesane) 50g
Flores Helichrysi arenarii 50g
Folia Farfarae 50g (Mat i Macheha)
Folia Plantaginis 50g
Folia Vitis idaea 50g
Folium Sennae 50g
Fructus Crataegi 100g
Fructus Rosae 100g
Gemmae Betulae 10g
Gorec ptichiy (Sporish) 50g
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