Joints and bones

The state of the musculoskeletal system depends largely on well-being. The first signals of violations in the spine as a person feels pain in his back. But as a rule, not everyone pays attention to them. This can lead to serious chronic diseases of the locomotor system. Musculoskeletal system needs a regular supply of amino acids, minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chromium, fluoride, vitamins and other biologically active substances, which are necessary for its normal operation and recovery. You can buy Illnesses of joints and bones medicines online at

Apizatron ointment 20g
Butadion ointment 20g
Capsicam ointment 50gr
Celebrex capsules 200mg #10
Chondroitin emulgel 5% 40g
Chondroxid ointment 25g
Delagil tablets 250mg #30
Diclac gel 5% 50g

Diclac gel 5% 50g



Dicloberl Retard tablets 100mg #20
Dicloberl suppositories 100mg #10
Dicloberl suppositories 50mg #10
Dicloberl tablets 50mg #50
Diclobru retard tablets 100mg #20
Diclobru tablets 50mg #30
Diclofenac 1% gel 40gr
Diclofenac-SV tablets 50mg #30
Dicul balsam 75ml

Dicul balsam 75ml



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