Otolaryngology is the study of diseases involving the ears and the larynx (organ that helps produce vocal sounds and serves as an air passageway, located in the neck/throat). Studies in this area include: allergy, ear infections, pneumonia, rhinitis, sinus infections, strep throat, and others. You can buy otolaryngology medicines online at semipharm.com

Anti-angin tablets #20
Aqua Maris nasal spray 30ml
Aqua Maris spray for throat 30ml
Bioparox aerosol 50mg/10ml
Boric acid solution 3% 20ml
Cametonum aerosolum 30gr
Candibiotic ear drops 5ml
Ear Fito-suppository #2
Euphorbium nazal spray 20ml
Falimint tablets 25mg #20
Faringosept 10mg #20
Gedelix drops vial 50ml
Halazolin nasal drops 0,05% 10ml
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